NLA offers its members a wide array of services which are continuously being developed/upgraded:

Public Sector Advocacy

NLA provides a committed, proactive platform to help shape public-sector policies influencing the logistics industry. Members can actively sound shared concerns via the established chambers, which represent sub-group interests. Topics of concern are then addressed by the association to the relevant public authority.

Group Benefits

Members will benefit from negotiated group discounts from key suppliers to the industry, such as fuel companies and medical & pension funds.

Training & Capacity Building

NLA strives to enhance industry capacities in line with international standards by offering an array of training courses customised to the needs of the industry. NLA also organises presentations by local & international guest-speakers on issues relevant to the industry.

Further details can be accessed under the Meeting & Training Schedules.

Facilitation of business linkages

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Market Intelligence

Through its quarterly e-Newsletter (MOVE), latest industry news and trends are communicated to members. Incoming national and international business opportunities are forwarded to members via eMail.

Marketing Platforms

The NLA's marketing platforms offers the opportunity to market various industry related products, services, events, opportunities etc.

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